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CCSD School Bus Interiors

Ever wonder what the inside of a CCSD bus looks like?  Here's your chance to see a few.

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1995 Thomas Saf-T-Liner MVP EF


Has the old Saf-T-Liner logo in center of steering wheel.  The roof of the bus on the old logo forms the "T" (Like in the "Thomas Built Buses" logo plate on the front) and is red, and the black is the rest of the bottom part of the bus.  To me, this interior looks better than the Blue Birds before (of course newer is nicer).  The exterior photos of this bus can be seen on the "Saf-T-Liner MVP EF" page.


1988 Blue Bird All-American


Look at the steering wheel cover!!  This bus has Air Conditioning.  The exterior shots of this bus can be seen in the "All-American FE" gallery on my site.  This was shot at the Arville bus yard.